Electrical Equipment & Current Carrying Devices  -  Transformer Insulation

Gerome Technologies provides insulation components for the following types of transformer units:

  • Low, Medium & High Voltage
  • Oil Filled Distribution & Power
  • Dry Type Distribution
  • Electronic, Instrumentation

Our complete line of products for transformer insulation applications:

  • Bolt Insulation
     busbar sleeve manufatured by Gerome technologies
    Busbar Sleeve manufactured by Gerome Technologies

  • Bus Supports & Insulation
  • Coil Supports
  • Core Insulation
  • Fuse Boards
  • Ground Wall Insulation
  • Hardware & Fasteners
  • Insulating Channels
  • Insulating Tapes
  • Layer Insulation
  • Micarta Boards
  • Phase Barriers
  • Pad Insulation, Z-Pads
  • Pressboard Components
  • Spacers
  • Temporary Blocking & Support Blocks
  • Terminal Boards
  • Winding Combs

Please contact our Gerome Technologies technical sales team directly for more information, and to discuss how we may assist you on an upcoming project or design.